April 22, 2016

Event: Intelligent Transport for Ukraine, 16th June 2016

On 16th June, ITS Ukraine & The Pod will host a seminar/discussion to examine ways that Intelligent Transport Systems can be implemented in Ukraine and how Ukrainian IT companies can be part of the growing market for transport technology.

The event is free and starts at 19:00 at IDF Reform Labs, 10 Verhniy Val, Podil.


Rapid advances in computing and mobile communications has triggered a boom in the development of smart transport systems and a reduced the cost of owning smart/connected devices.

Online travel planners, in-car navigation systems, digital travel cards, and automatic road tolling systems are now common throughout Europe but almost non-existent in Ukraine.

Our speakers will discuss some of the opportunities and challenges this presents for Ukraine, Ukrainian travellers and Ukraine’s booming tech industry.

More info available here 
Tickets available here

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