January 2, 2016

Improved traffic management for Odessa?

According to a post at, “Sergey Dubenko, head of the Odessa City Council working group to improve traffic management group has now announced that Odessa will adopt “European norms” regarding the speed limits within the city.  The maximum speed will be officially reduced from 60 kph (as used in Russia and Belarus) to 50 kph (as used by almost all of Europe).   Mr Dubenko stating – “The speed limit of 60 kmh – is 1 km per minute. The standard distance for the residential districts of the city heading for the center is 10 km away, with straight roads, without traffic lights and traffic jams it takes 10 minutes.  With a speed of 50 kmh, the same distance takes 12 minutes. Two minutes difference! Two minutes, due to which the number of traffic accidents is anticipated to drop by 30%, including pedestrians accidents!  The time you are waiting in traffic jams, congestion and at traffic lights, we will adjust based on metered traffic.”

More info and full article here.

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