July 27, 2018

World Bank opens tender for 19 WiMs in Ukraine totalling up to $4.9 million

Ukraine Road Agency and World Bank announced a tender notice for design, supply and installation of Weigh-in-Motion systems on international roads around Kyiv. Maximum expected cost is 4.9 million US Dollars, the deadline for submitting bids is 20 September 2018. Best chances to win and successfully implement the contract have consortia made of EU and Ukrainian firms.

The scope of work within the project has the following key components:

  1. Supply and installation of WiM systems in 6 locations, totalling 19 lanes
  2. Design and installation of a Data Center
  3. Software and proprer licences
  4. Communication system between WiM systems, Data Center and mobile terminals to be used by transport inspectorate officers for preselection
  5. Tehcnical documentation in Ukraininan language
  6. Training if Ukrainian specialists to use and maintain the system
  7. Maintenance of the system during 2 years
  8. Detailed project design and building of 4 gantries
  9. Pavement repair in and around WiM lications

The tender notice is available on World BankDevBusiness, Ukravtodor and other websites.

The large Ukranian measuring equipment company VIS, a member of ITS Ukraine,  is seeking for opportunity to become a reliable local partner for an international firm or consortium.  Please contacts us and we’ll be happy to provide more information on company’s capabilites and facilitate your direct contact with them.

ITS Ukraine is eager to assist other companies in Ukraine and the EU find each other and build strong partnerships for bidding for this contract, and for future projects in Ukraine. After this first pilot project with the World Bank succeeds, Ukraine’s government will be procuring more WiM systems to cover the national road network, and the demand is no smaller than 50 other locations.

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