August 6, 2018

Ukrainian hardware company VIS is ready to become a consortium partner for World Bank’s WIM project in Ukraine

Until September 20th, an international tender is open for WiM (Weight-in-Motion) Supply and Installation project in Ukraine, designed by the Ukriane State Road Agency in cooperation with the World Bank. More details may be found in our earlier publication here.

One of ITS Ukraine members, the experienced and reliable Ukrainian hardware company VIS (Weight Measuring Systems,, is interested in becoming a consortium partner for a tender applicant(s) from the European Union and beyond. The company has 230 employees, 12+ years of experience, spotless reputation and willingness to work as a reliable local partner. Please see details in this presentation: Presentation VIS.pdf (7 Mb)

Based on its in-depth expertise and past experience, VIS is ready to take on a large part of important works, including:

  1. Personnel, vehicles, and special equipment for installation of WiM systems in 6 locations around Kyiv
  2. Detailed project design, manufacturing and installation of 4 gantries
  3. Maintenance of the system during 2 years
  4. Pavement repair in and around the WiM lications
  5. Translation of tehcnical documentation into Ukraininan language
  6. Trainings of Ukrainian specialists to use and maintain the system.

Companies that are interested in setting up partnership with VIS are kindly requested to contact ITS Ukraine’s Executive Director Viktor Zagreba via his email or phone/WhatsApp +380-67-442-14-94.

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