July 15, 2016

Stakeholders invited to discuss proposed new rules for inter-city transport routes

The Ministry of Infrastructure has invited transport stakeholders for consultations on the deregulation and liberalization of the passenger transport sector (interregional, inter-city and suburban road traffic).

You can register via a link in the article, or by emailing Victor (see text below)
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Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine invites all interested persons to participate in consultations on the development of the concept of deregulation and liberalization of the market of passenger transport by road for interregional, inter-city and suburban traffic.

The aim of the consultations is to discuss the problems that now exist in the transportation market and the formation of a number of proposals to create a competitive and transparent carriers’ access to the market of passenger transportation, improving service and safety in vehicles.

The Ministry believes that today the main stimulus for the development of passenger road transport povynenni become the market principles of the industry. That market conditions and availability of business competition should stimulate market development and to improve the comfort and security of transportation, such as best European practices.

The main topics to be discussed as part of the consultation:

  • Creating a mechanism for carriers equal access to the market;
  • Settlement of the issue of relations between carriers and bus stations;
  • Resolving the issue of opening new routes;
  • Create a transparent and simplified application and authorization;
  • Creating conditions for release of the business from the shadows.

To participate in the consultations we ask you to register on our website.

Registration form link.

Registration is open until July 22, 2016

More information on the consultation will be sent to registered participants by email and published on the site IMU


Tel .: +38 050 317 37 31 Victor Sasin

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