June 30, 2015

Press Release: Intelligent Transport for Ukraine

The Ukrainian Association of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS Ukraine) officially launched today in Kyiv to promote the use of Intelligent Transport Systems across Ukraine.

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) use modern technologies to make transport safer, smarter and cleaner.

ITS Ukraine will work to promote the use of ITS systems in Ukraine and contribute to the development of a national transport network that uses new technologies to boost economic growth, reduce pollution and make travel easier and safer for everyone.

Linking tech companies, public authorities, user groups and research organisations – ITS Ukraine supports the local ITS industry and gives Ukrainian ITS companies a voice on the international stage – helping the country to benefit from international best-practices and research programs.

Ahead of the launch, ITS Ukraine’s Chairman Ian Bearder explained why he is excited about the launch of the association:

“Ukraine’s transport infrastructure desperately needs modernising and many new technologies are available to help make it safer, smarter and cleaner. Electric cars, passenger information systems and automated safety devices etc are little understood and underused in Ukraine, but they offer new ways to solve common transport problems.

Ukraine also has an extremely talented software and IT sector which, I believe, could lead the world in the development and production of intelligent transport systems.

Finally, Ukraine now has full access to EU research and innovation funding via Horizon 2020 and we would like to help Ukrainians make maximum use of this programme – engaging and collaborating with their European neighbours.”

Ukraine’s transport requirements and priorities may differ slightly from more advanced European nations, but by linking different transport and IT stakeholders, ITS Ukraine seek to take an active part in solving the many different challenges.

Membership is available to everyone interested in advancing a modern and innovative transport system. If you or your company would like to join, please visit the website for more information:

Contact: Ian Bearder
Call: +38063 619 5164


Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) use modern technologies to improve transport networks.

Rapid advances in computing and mobile communications triggered a boom in the development of such systems and a reduction in the cost of owning smart/connected devices has made them available to many millions of day-to-day users.

Online travel planners, in-car navigation systems, digital travel cards, and automatic road tolling systems – these are all types of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

In fact, almost any combination of technology and transport can be considered to be ‘intelligent’ and the possible uses of ITS are almost limitless.

To simplify things, we group the systems into three broad sub-categories:

As the name suggests, Safe ITS focuses on safety and the reduction of transport related accidents and injuries. According to EU figures, in 2011 more than 30,000 people died on the roads of the European Union. That is the equivalent of a medium town, and for every death on Europe’s roads there are an estimated 4 permanently disabling injuries such as damage to the brain or spinal cord, 8 serious injuries and 50 minor injuries.

The good news is, this figure has plummeted from 54,000 in 2001, and ITS experts are working hard to reduce the number even more.

Smart ITS is by far the largest and most diverse group of systems. This group includes a wide range of traveller information systems, navigation systems, vehicle and driver-monitoring/insurance systems (telematics) and thousands of other systems that use data to make ‘smarter’ transport-related decisions. Most transport ‘apps’ which are available on modern smartphones fall into this category. Smart ITS offers huge economic benefits as transport operators and users can make better informed decisions, to reduce travel and transport times, costs and delays.

Clean ITS, sometimes called ‘eco’ or ‘green’ ITS, uses technology to reduce the environmental impact of travel and transport. Often combining ‘Smart ITS’ technologies, Clean ITS helps to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, and seeks to develop new, environmentally sustainable transport solutions. According to a 2010 report by the International Transport Forum, Transport-sector CO2 emissions represent 23% (globally) and 30% (OECD) of overall CO2 emissions from Fossil fuel combustion The sector accounts for approximately 15% of overall greenhouse gas emissions. Global CO2 emissions from transport have grown by 45% from 1990 to 2007, led by emissions from the road sector in terms of volume and by shipping and aviation in terms of highest growth rates. Therefore, the scope for Clean ITS to help reduce emissions and minimise the environmental impact of transport is vast, especially in an age of ever-increasing individual mobility.

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