August 27, 2018

ITS Ukraine meets with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

ITS Ukraine opens up a new page of cooperation with government institutions of Ukraine, namely with the Ministry of Infrastructure. On our request, a working meeting was held on August 20, 2018 with the team of a recently created Directorate of Digital Infrastructure, Mr Oleksandr Ozeran, Mr Farid Safarov and their colleague from the Reform Support Team Mr Yevhen Katkov.

A team of young, educated people with ambitions goals and deep understanding of Ukraine’s problems and world tech markets. This is what we witnessed during this friendly familiarization meeting that was held on the 23-d floor of Ministry’s building. We were pleased to see this quality of new individuals at the main transport policy making institution of Ukraine, It supports our deep belief that things in Ukraine are moving to the right direction.

The Directorate of Digital Infrastructure assured us of their willingess and readiness to cooperate with ITS Ukraine, since it is a non-for-profit association that can offer ITS expertise on pro bono basis. Several specific sectors for collaboration were drafted during the discussion that are both on the Directorate’s agenda and within the scope of interest of ITS Ukraine. Firs of all it is Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for transport industry, such as traffic monitoring and management tools, public transport technologies, and IoT solutions for railroads and for individual users, such as car driver.

We are sure that the first ideas will be followed by concrete actions. We are thankful to the colleagues at the Ministry of Infrastructure for the good beginning of cooperation with ITS Ukraine!

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