June 21, 2016

Large-scale road building planned for Ukraine

Groisman announces large-scale reconstruction of roads totalling billions of dollars

In the spring of 2017 large-scale construction of roads will begin, according to a briefing by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

“I’d like to see in the spring of 2017 we start full-scale reconstruction of Ukrainian roads,” – he said.

According to Groisman, he estimates the cost of such works at several billion dollars. According to him, all purchases will be carried out via transparent public tenders and funding sources will be World Bank funds, as well as private and public funds of Ukraine.

“This will allow us a few years to develop Ukrainian roads,” – said the prime minister.

He added that the construction of a roads strategy will be developed first, with the participation of the best specialists.

“I believe that the corridors from north to south and ports is the first priority. From west to east – two are two corridors that we need to build in Ukraine, in order that we can ensure, firstly, that Ukrainians can travel, and secondly – that we can be very influential globally”, – he said.

Groisman also said that now there is a large-scale patching of roads and will soon begin major repair and reconstruction of roads.

“Until the late fall, we will bring the road sector to a more or less normal state I would like to see in the spring of 2017 we start full-scale reconstruction of Ukrainian roads.”, – He said.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda

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