November 20, 2015

ITS Ukraine meets with Yunasko, an innovative Ukrainian company producing Ultracapacitors

On 22 October ITS Ukraine visited an innovative Ukrainian company that designs and produces industry leading Ultracapacitors.

Yunasko, which has a head office in Kyiv and factory in western Ukraine. They have a large scale ultracapacitor production plant currently under development in Latvia as the company expand to supply ultracapacitors for electric buses in China.

For those who, like me, don’t know what an ultra capacitor is – it is like a battery but has the ability to discharge power and then recharge extremely rapidly. So, unlike a standard battery that discharges power slowly over a long period an ultracapacitor delivers high levels of power in short bursts – thus making them attractive for electric vehicles or situations that require high power for short periods (electric welding repairs in remote locations etc).

Yunasko expressed their willingness to participate in joint research and innovation projects and we are happy to have such expertise here in Kyiv.

Refer to the info below for more info or checkout their impressive website at:

View the company presentation



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