September 28, 2015

EBRD announces Bishkek Public Transport Project – Market sounding exercise

1.1.5. The City of Bishkek has decided to introduce an electronic ticketing system in Bishkek and to substantially move away from cash based payment for municipally owned public transportation and private bus operators.

1.1.6. The new fare collection system shall be based on smartcards and allow to identify concessionary passengers like retired people and pupils, provide more transparency in payments, increase the revenues and simplify the use of public transport in Bishkek.

1.1.7. In advance of the implementation the AFC system, the City of Bishkek wishes to engage with potential operators and suppliers to understand their interest and capability to supply, implement, maintain and operate such a system through a market sounding exercise, which is the subject of this notice.

Read the full notice for more information:

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