July 23, 2015

€50 million EU funding available for transport research projects

Two calls for proposals in the areas of Green Vehicles and Mobility for Growth are open with a deadline on 15 October. In total €48,5 million will be made available to the applicants from Horizon 2020 (H2020), the EU’s research and innovation framework programme.

The Green Vehicles call focuses on road transport research and innovation. It addresses road transport challenges such as improvements in energy efficiency and the use of new types of non-conventional energies.

The sub-call H2020-GV-2015 with the total available funding of €30 million will support projects in the following areas:

  • Powertrain control for heavy-duty vehicles with optimised emission: the aim is to reduce emissions and consumption of trucks and other large vehicles by using new generation navigation systems and emission sensors
  • Electric vehicles’ enhanced performance and integration into the transport system and the grid: this covers novel design of the electric and electronic architecture and components, the battery management, as well as ICT-based support to the whole range of electric vehicles

The Mobility for Growth call addresses mode-specific (aviation, rail, road, waterborne) and transport integration challenges (urban, logistics, intelligent transport systems, infrastructure), as well as cross-cutting issues.

The sub-call H2020-MG-2015-Singlestage-B offers €18,5 million in total for the best projects in the following areas:

  • Safe and connected automation in road transport
  • Demonstrating and testing innovative solutions for cleaner and better urban transport and mobility: city-led consortia are to establish living laboratories to carry out innovative transport solutions
  • Facilitating market uptake of innovative transport infrastructure solutions: proposed projects should lead to improved public purchase of transport solutions bringing the best and most innovative ideas to the European transport network
  • Smart governance, network resilience and streamlined delivery of infrastructure innovation to create common framework for governance, management and finance of transport infrastructure projects (including methodologies and modelling)

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Ukraine (and Ukrainians) now have full access to the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme which provides 80 billion EUR in research and innovation funding between now and 2020. 

Horizon 2020 is the first EU programme in which Ukraine has chosen to participate following the beginning of provisional application of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. This association to Horizon 2020 highlights that both the EU and Ukraine consider research and innovation crucial for economic growth and the creation of jobs.

The agreement opens a wide range of new opportunities to Ukrainian research institutions, universities and businesses across the whole research and innovation value chain, from fundamental research up to close-to-market activities. For instance, Ukraine will now be able to host European Research Council (ERC) grants, apply for financial support to innovative SMEs, benefit from support for scientific excellence and other research policies and participate in the governance structures of the programme.

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