Membership Services & Benefits

Companies and individuals from any country are welcome to become members of the association ITS Ukraine. To become a member one should agree with our goals, apply for membership and pay membership fee. Decisions on admitting new members are taken by the Board of ITS Ukraine. We are offering three types of membership:

  1. Full membership – for small and large companies, including Ukrainian offices and representatives of international corporations;
  2. Associate membership – for entities of national and local governance, their subsidiaries, universities, research centers and non-profit organizations;
  3. Individual membership – for practitioners, private entrepreneurs, consultants, researchers and students.

Benefits of membership at ITS Ukraine are listed below.

  1. Networking

    ITS Ukraine is a network for everyone who designs, delivers and supports intelligent transport systems in Ukraine. By linking the people behind the technology we help our members develop personal and professional relationships which, in turn, leads to a greater understanding between stakeholders, sharing of information and increased cooperation.

    Putting people at the heart of ITS Ukraine, we offer our members an engaging program of events.

    These include: 

    • Social Events 
    • Study trips 
    • Business Networking
  2. Advocacy

    Drawing on the expertise and experience of our member companies, ITS Ukraine’s advocacy work keeps decision makers informed with the latest ITS information and best practices.

    Our advocacy work is important because ITS systems do not deploy themselves. Experience shows that if Ukraine is to benefit fully from the safety and efficiency savings that ITS systems offer, then the industry must work closely with those decision makers in Ukraine who plan and develop the transport infrastructure.  

    Our advocacy work gives members a voice where it matters.

  3. News & Analysis

    Providing ITS news, information and analysis we help members to understand what’s happening in the ITS industry in Ukraine and what opportunities are developing. 

    News and information is provided via a wide range of channels ensuring members have the information they need, whenever they need it. 

    • Website
    • Monthly newsletter 
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) 
  4. Support and Advice

    Even for established local companies, running a business in Ukraine comes with a unique set of challenges. 

    To help, we have developed a network of trusted partners and professionals who can support members with a wide range of services.

    These include: 

    • Legal advice 
    • Travel and hospitality
    • Translation and interpreter services 
    • Government contacts and department information 
    • Communications and outreach 
  5. International Cooperation

    ITS Ukraine works hard to promote Ukrainian ITS excellence abroad. We also cooperate with a wide range of international partners to ensure that Ukraine benefits from the latest international industry trends and developments. 

    ITS Ukraine is an associate member of the European network of ITS national associations. 

  6. Membership Fees
    Conditions and Benefits Full Associate Individual
    Membership fee, for a one-year period Small/large* companies:

    415/830 Euro**

    None 83 Euro

    (16 Euro for students)

    Voting right during Association’s general meetings 1 vote / 2 votes No No
    Right to nominate candidates for Association’s Board and Control Commission Yes No Yes
    Free access to events organized by ITS Ukraine 1 person/2 persons 1 person 1 person
    Special conditions for participation in international events (discounts, support letters, invitations etc) Yes Yes Yes
    Member’s profile with name, logo, description and contacts on Association’s website, in an annual catalogue and other materials produced Yes Yes No
    Customized assistance in searching partners for joint tender bid and grant applications Yes Yes No
    Customized assistance in finding business partners and setting meetings Yes No Yes

    * “Small company” means below 10 employees, “large companies” mean 11 employees and more.

    ** Fees are fixed in Ukrainian Hryvnias (UAH) so the exact amounts in Euros may be slightly different depending on currency rate on the date of invoice.

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