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June 3, 2015

Milan adds 1 000 e-bikes to city bike scheme

Milan has introduced 1 000 electric bicycles to its BikeMi bicycle network, boosting the total number of public bikes in the city to 4 600. The city is also planning to install a further 70 docking stations to accomodate the new e-bikes. The bicycles include batteries which allow a range of 55-65km on a single charge and can be re-charged […]

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June 2, 2015

New EV charging stations planned in Hungary

Hungary is planning to install 150 charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) over the next year to encourage low-carbon transport in the country. According to the country’s Minister for the National Economy, Mihaly Varga, the government wants to see more charging facilities for EVs at major shopping centres to make daily use of an electric car more […]

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April 30, 2015

Futuristic Simulation Finds Self-Driving “Taxibots” Will Eliminate 90% Of Cars, Open Acres Of Public Space

A fascinating new simulation finds that self-driving cars will terraform cities: 90% of cars will be eliminated, acres of land will open up, and commute times will drop 10%. A team of transportation scientists at the Organization for Cooperation and Development took data on actual trips in Lisbon, Portugal and looked at how a fleet […]

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March 28, 2015

Launching ITS Ukraine

Over the past few months a lot of work has gone into setting-up and launching ITS Ukraine. We are a young organisation with much to learn and a lot to do. However, we are ambitious and confident that we can help to develop a robust and successful ITS industry in Ukraine. Having registered as a Ukrainian […]

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